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Email Security

Protect your business email from modern attacks with Advanced Email Security Managed Services

All business faces the same challenge:

Email is simultaneously the most important business communication tool, and the leading attack vector for security breaches.


Our services help you plan, implement and secure your organization with the most effective next generation technologies and expertise. The Email Security Managed Service provides the most comprehensive protection against the multitude of email threat types with proven best-in-class detection rates.


Our Advanced Email Security Managed Services to prevent:

Phishing and business email compromise (BEC) attacks

Hackers use information from social websites (social engineering) to get a person to reveal sensitive information.

Account takeover

A cybercriminal gains control over a legitimate account and uses it to perform malicious actions

Zero days and advanced persistent threats

These attacks use continuous and sophisticated hacking techniques to gain access to your systems and remain inside for aprolonged time.

Benefits of Advanced Email Security Managed Services

  • Stop ransomware and zero-day malware before they reach your inbox
  • Protect against targeted phishing attacks, social engineering attempts and email fraud
  • See immediate productivity improvement with spam control
  • Protect your team from malicious links, even ones hidden as chain links within seemingly non malicious links
  • Ensure safe delivery of your business’s emails, and ensure productivity is not impacted
  • Prevent account takeover attempts and monitor internal mailboxes for signs of compromise