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Cloud Hosting & Services

TRG's cloud hosting is an excellent choice for customers looking for superior performance, uptime, and reliability. Our cloud hosting solution is hosted out of Johannesburg, South Africa, and is built on Juniper network technology, which is renowned for its reliability from edge to rack. With our cloud hosting, you will also benefit from an allocated number of physical servers, providing you with a comprehensive and secure hosting solution.

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99.9% Network Uptime

Feel confident hosting your business-critical applications in data centers with 99.9% availability guaranteed. We ensure a highly resilient environment of enterprise-grade infrastructure managed by networking and data center specialists. To maximize performance and minimize latency, we proactively monitor network performance and automatically route users to the fastest connection possible. So, whether you already operate a global business or aspire to, we’ve got you covered.

Servers remain protected with a Firewall for all traffic and connections.
All server are not publicly accessible unless specifically required.
Users connect to the server via secure VPN connections and secure VPN tunnel directly to your office for easy access when users are onsite.


Key Features

Consistent, dedicated high performance hardware at your fingertips.

Enterprise class hardware unlimited traffic.

Monthly contract scale your resources to match your requirements.




No upgrade or replacement cost Offering 99.9% network uptime.

Complete privacy with a single tenant