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Managed Assessments Bolt On

Our Managed Assessments provide organizations with the assurance they need that their Information and Network Security systems are functioning optimally. Our comprehensive reports provide actionable insights, which can be shared with Auditors, Compliance teams, and Regulators to demonstrate that their systems are operating to a high standard. We also aim to identify areas for improvement and provide detailed recommendations for how these security systems can be further enhanced to protect against potential threats.

Our Managed Assessments are an invaluable tool for organizations who want to remain vigilant and secure in a constantly evolving technological landscape.

Managed Assessments

Infrastructure Assessments

TRG’s Automated Infrastructure Assessments are an effective way for businesses to evaluate and boost their infrastructure efficiency and performance. By utilizing advanced analysis techniques, the assessments can generate insights across a wide range of infrastructure components. The automated nature of the assessments guarantees continuous scans, making sure that organizations are always running at their best. The data collected is presented in a structured, easy-to-comprehend format, providing a comprehensive overview of infrastructure performance and enabling sound decision-making.

Cyber Security Assessments

TRG's Automated Security Assessments provide a comprehensive, automated way to evaluate and strengthen the security of an organization's systems and infrastructure. Utilizing sophisticated techniques, the assessments identify vulnerabilities and threats, then provide actionable guidance. These automated assessments run continuously and cover a broad range, enabling businesses to stay one step ahead of ever-shifting threats while preserving the security of their systems. Results are easy to interpret and offer a straightforward understanding of the security posture.

Vulnerability Assessments

TRG's Automated Vulnerability Assessments provide organizations with a powerful tool for identifying and remediating security vulnerabilities in applications and systems. These assessments utilize advanced techniques to scan for known weaknesses and offer recommendations for improvement. Automated in nature, they offer a wide-ranging evaluation of security posture and provide a comprehensive report of the results, making it easy to understand what steps need to be taken to increase security.

For sample reports and a demo on how we provide these services, please contact us.

Our reports are used for organizations of all sizes.