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Core Services

Service Desk

The Service Desk functions as the central point of control, management and resolution of all communications relating to any monitored alerts, user requests and/or reported faults.

Application Monitoring

Crucial to the successful and stable use of our application infrastructure is the continuous monitoring of overall system health and events. The Application monitoring for SYSPRO maintains a close eye on not only crucial SYSPRO application and user behaviour but in addition core dependencies such as the physical server or Virtual Machines as well as SQL database performance.

Resolution Management

TRG’s Application Managed Services hosts highly skilled, dedicated and passionate technical and application specialists whose core focus is to identify and resolve environmental and or end user system challenges as efficiently as is possible.

Resolution Management services are delivered in line with the time bundles selected and are typically selected based on site complexity, number of physical sites within the organisation and the number of end users potentially requiring service.

Administration Services

Efficient system support not only calls for remedy when technical challenges occur but rather in assisting or performing administration type functions when the need arises, some of these such as user additions, basic changes to stationery formats, screen and or menu tailoring, basic reporting changes or simply role and or security changes. Administration services delivered are deducted from your available resolution time bundle.
Remote Training Services
Successful system use is not only dependent on proper user training but requires ongoing or refresher training as system enhancements or changes are rolled out.  Remote Training services are available when scheduled, to all end users and covers light core module training.