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IT Service Desk

Streamlining IT Support for Seamless Operations and Enhanced Productivity

The IT Service Desk, situated at the heart of organizational support, serves as a centralized hub dedicated to aiding users across a spectrum of information technology (IT) services. As the primary touchpoint for users encountering IT-related challenges or in need of assistance, it holds a pivotal position in ensuring the smooth functioning of IT services.
Key functions of the IT Service Desk include user support, incident management, request fulfillment, communication, knowledge management, and escalation. User support encompasses addressing technical issues, troubleshooting, and delivering solutions for optimal IT service performance. Serving as a vital intermediary, the IT Service Desk bridges the gap between end-users and the IT department, facilitating effective communication, providing assistance, and resolving issues to empower clients in leveraging IT resources efficiently for their tasks.

IT Service Desk FAQ's

Delivering robust IT support tailored for you

What is a Service Desk

A fully Managed IT Service involves outsourcing your business’s IT needs to a specialised provider. This service covers everything from network management to end-user support, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

What is the difference between IT Services and Managed IT Services?

IT Services refer to the broad spectrum of services involving technology, including setup, maintenance, and support. On the other hand, Managed IT Services involve a third-party provider taking complete responsibility for a company’s IT needs, providing a more comprehensive and proactive service.


What is 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line Support?

Our certified IT professionals provide end-to-end support, encompassing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line support, and are available to address any IT challenges. The first line support team handles initial user inquiries, swiftly resolving common issues to minimise disruptions. For more complex issues, our second and third line support teams leverage advanced technical expertise to provide effective, long-term solutions. 

Endpoint Management

Managed Workstation

Protect from Data Loss, Reduce System Downtime, Update Security Patches

Better control over IT assets and security though patch management with built-in fail-safe patching technology, disk drive health monitoring, software inventory collection, and seamless report scheduling.


Patch Management

Software patches are vital to secure a business environment and fix known vulnerabilities before they become issues. 

Our Patch Management Service is built upon the foundation of proactivity, and focuses on preventing IT problems rather than fixing problems after they occur. We fix issues before they happen by proactively monitoring your infrastructure and managing the deployment of patches to operating systems that your business uses on a daily basis. 

Health Monitoring

Avoid unpredicted data loss and proactively improve uptime by monitoring disk drive health. Using machine learning technology, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can predict disk issues and alert you to take the precautionary measures needed to protect your  data.



Cyber Scripting

Automate daily tasks like provisioning and maintenance and manage more workloads with less efforts. Streamline your operations with out-of-the-box Acronis-verified scripts that you can easily customize, test, run, and schedule.



Software Inventory

Gain deep visibility into software inventory while saving time. Scan client machines automatically or on-demand to discover all of the software installed. Browse and filter software by multiple criteria, generate reports, or delete records once a machine is removed.



Fail Safe Patching

A bad system patch can render a system unusable. Before the latest patches are implemented, an image backup is automatically created so you can easily restore and rollback to a working state if there is an issue.

Hardware Inventory Collection

Save time and effort with an up-to-date hardware inventory. Discover all hardware assets with automatic and on-demand scans. Create hardware inventory reports, browse and filter records by multiple criteria and auto-delete them once a machine or tenant is removed.


Managed Server

TRG's Managed Server offering, powered by the Acronis Advanced Management module, is monitored and managed by the experienced and highly skilled engineers at the Network Operations Centre (NOC) to ensure server optimality. The NOC team proactively monitors, resolves issues, provides detailed reporting and analysis for informed decisions about server infrastructure.

Acronis Advanced Management is a powerful, feature-rich platform for centralized IT asset management, simplifying IT admin, reducing time and effort.  The platform facilitates patch management, software deployment, asset inventory and remote access, enabling administrators to keep IT assets up-to-date, secure and running efficiently. Automation capabilities allow administrators to automate common IT tasks such as software deployment, security updates and backups.

Managed Server tasks include regularly monitoring, responding to, and addressing system error logs to maintain system health.  Managing users and groups, as well as handling group policy objects to ensure proper access and security configurations. Configuring and managing firewall and network settings to safeguard against threats.

IT Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

TRG offers an Infrastructure Monitoring Service that combines Auvik and New Relic to give customers extensive infrastructure and application monitoring. Auvik monitors and manages network devices in real time, while New Relic keeps an eye on application performance. 

With these tools, TRG is able to observe critical elements of a customer's infrastructure, like network components, servers, cloud infrastructure, and applications. Making it possible to rapidly  identify problems and quickly resolve them, with customers being able to understand the health and performance of their infrastructure. 

Additionally, TRG's knowledgeable team provides ongoing assistance and advice to help customers optimize their infrastructure and keep it running efficiently and dependably.


Managed Network

TRG provides comprehensive network device management services to ensure that your network is running optimally. Our team of experts can manage, monitor, and maintain your entire network infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, and any other network hardware and software. We configure and maintain devices, monitor performance, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Additionally, we can ensure availability and performance are sustained by utilizing performance monitoring and configuration management.