About Us



Founded in 2015, with head office based in Cape Town, South Africa


TRG delivers Infrastructure and Security solutions through continuous management services monitoring your environment on a 24/7/365 basis.  Services are delivered through advanced ticket-based workflows, automated and SNOC (Security and Network Operations Centre) driven actions with 24/7/365 alert management. Information is accessible through easy-to-use customer portals and comprehensive documentation platforms.

With our solid background in application solution deployment, we provide the implementation, support, and consulting services for a broad range of business applications. TRG’s dedicated Business Applications division presents a team of consultants and technology specialists with immense experience and available across the length and breadth of South Africa.

Productivity is key in automating the enterprise, adoption of role specific technologies across the workforce is crucial. TRG provides a host of Warehouse, Manufacturing and Facility automation solutions, integrated across your business application layer and designed very much with operation optimization and the operator in mind.

All aspects of service delivery are managed by dedicated division specialists ensuring discipline specific skill remains undiluted while centralized account oversight remains in place for all active customers ensuring all individual divisions are aware of and in constant communications around the customer’s technology objectives, active projects and current state.