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About Us

Our Mission is Rooted in The Delivery of Market Leading & Innovative Business Technologies

We do it by attracting the best talent, combined with the best software tools, and creating practical user driven technology solutions that support business growth.

We’re committed to working on your behalf – whether you are a small, medium or large business, we’re in your corner, we’re here to help, we thrive on good service delivery, strong solution deployment and a happy customer.

Founded in 2015, with head office based in Cape Town, South Africa and with national representation TRG is trusted by companies countrywide to provide reliable service and innovation across their technology stack.

Our mission is to help clients succeed in embracing all aspects of their digital journey with a team boasting experience gathered through hundreds of different client environments and solution types. Strategically, we partner with the best technology vendors globally, maintain a strong focus on knowledge development and certifications while consistently producing innovative toolsets feeding the constant drive to improve on our own service delivery excellence.

Infrastructure & Core Applications

Embracing digital across all areas of business calls for the implementation and maintenance of robust core infrastructure offering not only the reliability but the flexibility to adjust to market dynamics and business change. TRG delivers both application and technical architecture and implementation service as well as continuous and active management services monitoring your environment on a 24/7/365 basis.  Services delivered are underpinned by the Cape Town based NOC and managed through advanced ticket-based workflows, automated and NOC driven actions and 24/7/365 alert management. Information is accessible by easy to use customer portals and comprehensive documentation platforms.

With much technology, a lack of attention to properly securing it is a bad idea

Cyber threats are unfortunately a reality for all businesses. Cyber Risk Management is central to ensuring preparedness to defend against an ever-evolving threat landscape. Simply put, TRG ensures your core infrastructure, people and processes are adequately prepared while our established security operations centre maintains a close eye on network activities for unusual behaviors. With senior leadership presenting in excess of 40 years of industry knowledge our approach presents as one of instilling a culture of good Cyber Hygiene amongst your team with the use of robust process and risk mitigation technologies to support.

A strong history in delivering cutting edge Business solutions

With our solid background in application solution deployment we provide the implementation, support, and consulting services for a broad range of business applications, these spanning ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and BI (Business Intelligence). TRG’s dedicated Business Applications division presents a team of consultants and technology specialists with immense experience and available across the length and breadth of South Africa.

Automating the enterprise

Productivity is key, adoption of role specific technologies across the workforce is crucial. TRG provides a host of Warehouse, Manufacturing and Facility automation solutions, integrated across your business application layer and designed very much with operation optimization and the operator in mind. 

Service dedication, with no silo’s

All aspects of service delivery are managed by dedicated division specialists ensuring discipline specific skill remains undiluted while centralized account oversight remains in place for all active customers ensuring all individual divisions are aware of and in constant communications around the customer’s technology objectives, active projects and current state.