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Warehouse Automation

Improving Efficiency

Automation is a powerful tool and comes in many shapes and forms. In the warehouse, automation is generally used to make gains upon existing processes by improving efficiency, speed, reliability, accuracy and (eventually) cost savings. Gone are the days of thinking that paper-based processes are enough. The successful implementation of automation in the warehouse or distribution centre environment relies on close integration with other business systems to help direct, simplify and track all the transactions going on in the facilities. For automation to be effective, it needs data. This can come in the form of barcodes as well as other methods for tagging inventory, such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags. In today’s warehouse environment, automation includes all the methods used to bring inventory right to the order picker, so that his or her movements in the warehouse can be minimized. Automation can provide a good return on investment provided there is enough volume of activity to justify the up-front costs and the ongoing need for maintenance.


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