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riteTIME Labour
Data Collection

riteTIME Shop Floor Data Collection

Real-time capture of manufacturing and labour data, plus time clock punches from your shop floor. Get visibility. Drive accountability and recognize results. Track time and attendance plus shop floor labor data in a snap with riteTIME.

Get Visibility. Drive Accountability

Live Dashboards and Reporting

  • Powerful Dashboards facilitating proactive managing of floor productivity, efficiency, and quality
  • Standard reports available including Employee Performance, Job Perfomance, Timecards
  • Customize Report Viewer: run and edit customized reports

Easily Manage Time and Monitor Performance

  • Rapidly review and approve employee time cards and transactions
  • Fix mistakes before they hit your ERP and Payroll System
  • High visibility on employee productivity
  • Monitor Job status

Track Time in Real-Time.

Track it All –
Time, Qty, and Scrap – by Employees, Jobs, and Tasks

  • Rapidly Track time, quantity, and scrap by employee, job, and task from your shop floor
  • Capture time clock punches (In for day, Out for day, and Breaks)
  • Capture job punches (Start, Stop, Operator tasks, Machine, Quantity, and more)
  • Capture Direct and Indirect time
  • Import Jobs from your ERP
  • Rapidly start/stop Jobs with Quick Start
  • Log in quickly via RFID Badge, Barcode, or Username and Password
  • Easily access attachments: schematics, routings, etc.

riteTIME Can Be Tailored to Suit Most Environments

  • riteTIME accommodates work styles of those who need to access riteTIME—using Touchscreen, Desktop PC, Tablet PC, iPad, iPhone or Android Devices.
  • riteTIME facilitates Online (cloud based) and On Premise options
  • Use riteTIME as a stand alone shop floor data collection solution or integrate into your ERP and Payroll

Easy to Configure and Maintain

  • While highly flexible and configurable, riteTIME offers an out-of-the box solution that is simple to setup and maintain
  • Easily configure and add additional data capture prompts (e.g. Work Center, Machine ID) and attributes (e.g. Machine used, ERP Product Code)
  • High visibility on the status of ERP and Pay Roll integrations
  • Simple to setup access and permissions on an operator or group level to ensure employees only have access to what they need

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