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riteSCAN Mobile
Warehouse for SYSPRO

Increase Inventory Accuracy

 A simple, scalable “lite” warehouse management solution that helps streamline your supply chain, automates warehouse transactions, increases inventory accuracy, prevents errors before they occur, and integrates with SYSPRO.

riteSCAN Overview

  • Commercial grade, made-for SYSPRO software solution used by numerous companies world wide.
  • Compatible on Windows PC, Windows Mobile, and Android devices with uniform interface across all platforms.
  • Intuitive interfaces optimized for barcode scanning on touchscreens and mobile devices (including QR Code scanning).
  • Rapidly implemented
    Live error checking and transaction processing with SYSPRO at all times.

riteSCAN Inventory

riteSCAN Inventory extends simple, yet powerful stock management functionality to the warehouse floor by facilitating key SYSPRO Inventory Movement Transactions on to touchscreens and mobile devices. All transactions are validated to SYSPRO ensuring stock holding remains live and accurate at all times.


  • Automate SYSPRO Movements such as WH & Bin Transfers, Adjustments, Expense Issues, and Inventory Receipts
  • Perform SYSPRO Stock Take Capture with mobile scanners enhancing count accuracy and eliminating tedious manual capture
  • Trigger label printing on successful post of any riteSCAN inventory transaction
  • All riteSCAN Inventory Modules are seamlessly integrated into riteSCAN Pallet Management

riteSCAN Manufacturing

riteSCAN Manufacturing delivers on all relevant core transactions as it relates to SYSPRO Work In Progress, the difference however, riteSCAN delivers these for use on handheld scanners, touchscreen PC’s and mobiles devices while delivering on critical warehousing functionality such as pallet management, WIP staging and much much more.


  • Automate SYSPRO WIP Transactions such as Specific Issue, Kit Issue, Backflush, Labour Post, and Job Receipt.
  • Receipt inspectable items with a 2 stage receipt using WIP Receipt from Inspection
  • Powerful workflow capabilities such as coupling a Job Receipt, Kit Issue, and label print in to a single transaction. Receipt the stock directly on to a pallet using Pallet Management.
  • Trigger label printing on successful post of any riteSCAN manufacturing transaction
  • Introduce ease of issue through staging and/or kitting functions with riteSCAN Pallet Management.

riteSCAN Orders

riteSCAN Orders covers the full spectrum of purchase order and sales order processing. Not only does riteSCAN allow for transaction processing on mobile device, on premise or off, but riteSCAN allows you to do this covering all relevant transaction types, accounting for Lots, Bins and Serials, full label printing integration as well as introducing pallet management and pallet staging features to enhance on your inbound or distribution processing.

Sales Orders

  • Flexible configuration options catering to the picking of back order, reserve, or ship line items. Pick standard Sales Orders or SCT’s
  • Enhance picking accuracy by utilising mobile devices to ensure items picked are correct to order
  • On pick completion, flag an order as ready to invoice (status 8) or simply generate the SYSPRO dispatch note automatically from the scanner

Purchase Orders

  • Receipt stock items directly off the PO creating the SYSPRO GRN and trigger a label print
  • Receipt inspectable items with a 2 stage receipt using PO Receipt from Inspection
  • Incorporate freight apportionment and custom form detail capture on receipt
  • Issue stock received directly to a job on Purchase Order Receipt
  • Configure supplier barcode cross references to eliminate duplicate barcoding requirements

Specialised riteSCAN Modules

Labour Tracking

  • Quickly and easily capture time clock and break punches
  • Track job and task punches by employees as work happens
  • Track quality and efficiency through capture of completed and scrapped quantities
  • Easily integrate SYSPRO WIP transactions such as material issues and job receipts into employee time capture workflow
  • Run supervisor reports for enhanced visibility

Pallet Management

  • Group mixed items on one pallet—even items that you can’t group in SYSPRO today—and transfer them to another warehouse or to your shop floor in a single scan
  • Accurately track mixed items by pallet
  • Quickly find and track a pallet of mixed materials issued to a job
  • Efficiently stage pallets for sales orders and jobs
  • Receipt Jobs and Purchase Orders directly on to pallets
  • Seamlessly integrated in to workflow of all riteSCAN modules

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