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Red Lettuce

Advanced Inventory, Order, and Distribution Management Made with The Operator in Mind.

Red Lettuce Inventory helps fast moving distribution facilities process orders faster, with more accuracy and less effort.

Red Lettuce offers advanced distribution automation, integrated to your business system and packaged for use on Android mobile devices, Windows based PC’s and Touchscreens.

Fully Automated Scan & Touch Solution

This prevents most manual input mistakes, allows for greater accuracy.


Seamless integration Between Devices

Red lettuce is based on touch screen technology on both the Handheld Devices and Terminals.


Greater Efficiency & Speed

An automated solution cuts your process speeds in half and saves you time.

Red Lettuce Inventory

Use Red Lettuce to advance your distribution processes with enhanced order and pick slip management, inventory movements and stock takes, pick and pack automation, dispatch automation and automated document and barcode label printing functionality.

Modules include:

Purchase Orders

Red Lettuce Purchase Order Receipts allow operators to process purchase order receipts on touchscreen or mobile device, and allows for the automation of barcode label printing as required.

Inventory Management

Red Lettuce Inventory caters to the automation of all inventory management functions on the shop floor. With seamless integration to SYSPRO, easily perform inventory queries, warehouse and bin transfers, goods in transit transactions, and stock takes reducing paper on the warehouse floor and keeping your stock live and accurate.

Advanced Order Management – Warehouse Release

The Red Lettuce Warehouse Release assists warehouse managers and distribution planners to browse, sort, prioritise, and release orders to the shop floor for picking. Operators are able to view all orders available for release, monitor fulfilment of stock to Order Qty, view and sort by various Order Header Information and assign priority prior to release.

Advanced Order Management – Order Manager

The Red Lettuce Order Manager presents orders released and available for picking in a simple to use, intuitive and workflow driven interface. The module acting as your shop floor command centre drives operators through your order processing activities. Enhanced visibility on the Warehouse workload and progress is provided through simple and easy to understand dashboard metrics and strikingly visual Kanban views.

Order Picking

The Red Lettuce Sales Order Picking Module for use on mobile scanning device allows operators to process order picking linked to a SYSPRO Sales Order. Catering to several picking scenarios, this module can be configured to perform one of 3 transactions upon picking the line item:

  • Release line from back order into ship upon pick
  • Release line from reserve into ship upon pick  
  • Validate line against the SYSPRO Ship Qty upon pick

Pack Desk Module

The Red Lettuce Pack Desk caters to the rapid pack of a SYSPRO Sales Order. The module manages the print of customer specific box labels, box pack lists and order pack lists. Upon order completion, the Pack Desk can be configured to cater to the automated creation of SYSPRO dispatch notes or flag the Sales Order Status as Ready to Invoice (Status 8).

Dispatch Planner Module

The Red Lettuce Dispatch Planner, much like the Warehouse Release, allows operators to review pack completed orders that are ready for dispatch and release for dispatch. All dispatches may be sorted by area, branch, customer or due date with dispatch documentation being printed when required and released to the floor for dispatch.

Dispatch Picking Module

The Dispatch Picking Module allows operators to scan or enter the SYSPRO Sales Order Number to activate the dispatch on screen. Operators are now required to scan all boxes linked to the dispatch, validating that boxes are correct to the order. Once all boxes are picked, the dispatch may be processed. Pack Lists and Waybill documentation may be triggered for print and supplied to couriers. SCT Orders that are dispatched will automatically move the lines picked and packed into a status of in transit on completion of scanning the boxes and posting the dispatch.

Weigh Station Module

The Weigh Station Module caters to the rapid capture of box mass and dimensions for boxes packed at the Red Lettuce Pack Desk prior to dispatch and courier handover. Integration into compatible scale heads is possible to eliminate unnecessary manual capture of the mass and a box label may be triggered on successful post. Integration with courier systems are also possible, however this will require an element of custom development.

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