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Supply Chain

Automate The Enterprise

TRG caters to the supply and implementation of commercial grade warehousing and shop floor data collection solutions. Our project focused team operates nationally and is dedicated to the design, supply and implementation of your inventory and operational automation requirements.

Supply Chain and operations professionals are faced with greater pressures than ever before. In order to remain competitive, we are tasked with implementing improvements in all aspects of our supply chain; to improving our customer service levels; better our inventory and operational accuracies and efficiencies; demonstrate reductions in stock holdings and overall operational costs. Furthermore, we are asked to do it with fewer and fewer resources!

Organisations are rapidly realising that to address many of the operational inefficiencies and to effectively remove the noise from our supply chains that strategic focus must be placed on automating key activities.

TRG Supply Chain services caters to the supply of automated data collection solutions. We focus on the implementation of smart but simple to use hardware and software solutions positioned in key operational areas throughout the supply chain and designed to aid not only in automating data collection activities but further aiding in quick guided decision making for operators.

Warehouse Automation

Manufacturing and Distribution automation systems

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Labour & Shop Floor Data Collection

Integrated Labour, Shop Floor Data Collection and Scheduling solutions

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Custom Development

Bespoke Web Application and Integration Development services

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