Efficient Job Tracking

  • Stop Inaccurate Data due to Manual Errors

  • Keep Workers Working More and Documenting Less

  • Save Time Monitoring Production and Job Costs

  • Determine the Actual Labor Costs of Your Products

  • Increase their accuracy and willingness to use the existing system hardware

  • Have less anxiety and fear about interacting with the electronic collection of production data

Device Independent

riteTIME provides real-time data tracking for designers, line employees, maintenance personnel and management reporting.


riteTIME is designed to automate the tracking of jobs, work orders and maintenance items which have historically been tracked manually.


When accessing riteTIME with their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch your remote workers can track the work they do on projects, jobs or work orders wherever they are working.

riteTIME Overview

riteTIME is a tool that lets your employees easily and accurately capture their labor data into an open SQL database that can be easily integrated into other business systems. This overview demonstrates how riteTIME works in a variety of situations.

Making Better Management Decisions with riteTIME

One of the largest variable components in the cost of manufactured products is labor. Labor costs have a major impact on how manufacturers price products and invoice customers, ultimately impacting sales and profitability.


Visibility of actual labor costs protects and maximizes profitability and competitive positioning throughout engineering, pricing, estimating and billing activities.

riteTIME allows workers to collect labor when working multiple jobs. Do you have employees working on several jobs at one time? Do you have difficulty properly tracking their time and applying it to jobs?

riteTIME not only tracks labor of one worker across multiple jobs, it allows you several ways of reporting that time: evenly, each job gets total

Why Choose riteTIME?

riteTIME Touchscreen Labor Data Collection is a system designed for the SMB manufacturing business. 


riteTIMEcollects labor against jobs in a simple way that allows workers to spend more time working and less time recording. Take a look at why you should choose riteTIME for your company!

riteTIME Viewer

riteTIME Viewer is one of the riteTIME Client Applications. This video takes a look at riteTIME Viewer and how it will benefit your company.


Who uses riteTIME?


riteTIME users cover a variety of industries, but most are job shops or manufacturers who do a great deal of custom work.

The ability to track each labor activity as a product is designed, manufactured and packaged for shipment ensures you are

charging the correct amount of labor against each job. In addition, the electronic collection of labor data speeds the invoicing process.


Current riteTIME users work in a variety of industries:


Pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical products
Defense contractors
Retail products and services
Commercial fixtures and cabinets
Plastics, Rubber Products Manufacturinggeneratorsand refrigeration
Custom auto
Custom signs
Sports & Athletic equipment
Agricultural and construction equipment
Wiring and electronic assemblies
Engines and engine components
Foodservice support products and services
Spices and Extracts
Stone industry solutions and equipment
Laser cutting
Steering and suspension



More on riteTIME
Like Warehouse Transfer, updating inventory movements between bins is as simple as scanning the barcode and entering the quantity.

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