Mobile Inventory Solution

Accurate, Real-Time Inventory

Data entry is as easy as scanning a barcode. The advanced features of riteSCAN can virtually eliminate data entry errors such as shipping the wrong product or collecting erroneous cycle counts. Inventory quantities can be corrected right from the warehouse floor through Quantity Adjustments.

Commercial grade real-time solutions for SYSPRO

With a quick scan, data flows from the point of entry directly to the SYSPRO ERP system.

The transactions you process with riteSCAN are all completed in real-time. There are no expensive interfaces to configure and no need to wait for batch uploads at the end of the day. Because riteSCAN is a commercial grade product, you can count on compatibility with SYSPRO, update after update

Device Independent

Built with Microsoft .NET Compact Framework for the Windows Mobile platform, riteSCANis compatible with a broad range of handheld devices. In addition, riteSCAN works in a PC or Touchscreen environment.

With so many choices, finding the right hardware solution for your budget has never been easier.

Easy to Learn, Even Easier to Use

Special attention has been paid to developing a Graphical User Interface that is easy to learn and even easier to use.


Most warehouse operators prefer an intuitive, uncluttered screen optimized for the tasks they perform. riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO puts the rite data in the hands of the user without cramming the screen with information that only gets in the way of the general warehouse operator.

The Bottom Line

Mobile barcode scanning technology is a cornerstone of streamlined supply chain management and warehouse systems. riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse for SYSPRO, with SYPRO's e.net technology, brings full-featured transaction processing to every corner of your warehouse.

By automating procedures for employees, saving time, reducing errors and enabling real-time answers to customer inquiries, most companies discover that a barcode solution pays for itself in the first year.


SYSPRO provides an array of excellent inventory control features designed to avoid out-of-stock allocations, negative inventory, carrying too much stock on hand, and more. As feature rich as SYSPRO is, the data in SYSPRO is only as good as it is accurate. Important information about your stock on hand, picked sales orders, purchase order receipts, or job issues and receipts is probably sitting on a clipboard waiting to be keyed in to SYSPRO. Even for the most diligent paper-based processes, too much time and human resources are spent keeping SYSPRO up to date. Even with the efforts of a well coordinated team, accuracy is difficult to achieve and maintain.


Mobile devices running riteSCAN placed in the hands of your warehouse staff allows you to track materials as they move in, through, and out of the warehouse. This increased real-time visibility provides a truly accurate view of your inventory levels in SYSPRO and helps avoid costly over-stocking, out-of-stocks with product and material, and unnecessary space utilization. With riteSCAN, achieving and maintaining accurate inventory is a reality because it integrates seamlessly with SYSPRO. It’s like having an easy to use “point and scan” SYSPRO client in the hands of the people on the warehouse floor. With riteSCAN, the software travels to the material instead of a paper trail finding its way to SYSPRO. Writing down notes, filling out forms, and keying data is replaced with scanning barcodes. Printing and posting inventory levels is replaced with real-time inventory queries right from the mobile device. riteSCAN saves money managing inventory because it takes less time and fewer people to keep your warehouse data up to date and more accurate than ever.


Sooner or later, the paper-based inventory information you are collecting today has to reach someone who will key that data in to SYSPRO. Inventory movements, stock takes, sales order picks, and purchase order receiving require a keying exercise in SYSPRO. The more people involved in handling the data, the greater the chance for errors. These errors are costly to your company because it impacts so many different areas. These errors are costly to fix as well.

Imagine that this keying and re-keying does not happen at all. With riteSCAN, clip boards and keystrokes from several employees are replaced with a barcode scan from the warehouse worker that instantly updates SYSPRO in true real-time. This means that the instant data is scanned and sent with riteSCAN, SYSPRO is updated without error.


Inaccurate data about your warehouse leads to mistakes and these mistakes can impact your customers. When the wrong product is picked and shipped, you end up paying the cost of freight to return the product and next-day air freight to send the right product. You also need to make all of the necessary corrections to invoices, update stock-on-hand, etc. Finally, on top of all thatShipping the right product often involves doing several things right in the warehouse. From receiving and put-away to picking orders and everything in between, riteSCAN provides a way to use the powerful features of SYSPRO as part of
there is the expense of smoothing things over with the customer. In today’s world of just-in-time-inventory, customers really do demand that shipments are accurate.
yourevery day operations right on the warehouse floor. It is easier for a warehouse worker to pick the right product for an order when, after scanning a product barcode, riteSCAN informs the worker that this item is not on the sales order. In this example, using riteSCAN, the worker can find the correct stock item before shipment instead of you spending money to make things right after shipment.


Update SYSPRO with inventory movements as they happen. Simply scan
Warehouse Transfer
in the stock code, source and destination warehouses and enter a quantity and SYSPRO is updated immediately.

Bin Transfer
Like Warehouse Transfer, updating inventory movements between bins is as simple as scanning the barcode and entering the quantity.

Expense Issue

Now you can record the issue of stock items from inventory for miscellaneous purposes in real-time. The quantity entered in riteSCAN Expense Issues is immediately subtracted from the quantity on hand and costed at the current inventory cost.

Inventory Query

View real-time inventory data right from the handheld screen by simply scanning in a stock code. Inventory Query displays warehouse and bin quantity on hand, allocated, available and much more.

Miscellaneous Receipt

Receive inventory anytime, anywhere without a PO. Scan the stock code and warehouse and post the new quantity immediately into inventory.

Miscellaneous ReceiptAdjust the on-hand quantity right from the warehouse floor with riteSCAN. Simply scan the stock code barcode and enter the adjustment quantity. Full traceability is covered with notation and entry fields captured by riteSCAN.

Stock Take

If you dread taking inventory, or avoid it all together, the Stock Take function is your answer. Conducting an automated stock take with riteSCAN is fast, accurate, and easy.


Backflushing enables you, in one process, to issue materials from inventory, apply standard labor costs, and receive the finished goods back into stock in real-time and right from the handheld.

Job Issue

Issue raw materials or components to jobs in real time. Scan the job number to retrieve a list of allocations. Scan the stock code and the quantity issued as you pick items. As components are issued, the inventory quantity on hand is automatically reduced and the WIP value for the job is increased. Substitutions are made easy by adding or deleting allocations on-the-fly with riteSCAN.

Job Receipt

Receive finished goods into inventory from jobs by scanning the job number. Review job details easily before completing a partial or complete receipt of the job. Capture manufactured quantity, serial number, bin location, lot number, concession number, and more at the point of job completion.

Kit Issue

Issue all raw materials and standard labor to jobs in a single transaction. Scan the job number to retrieve the list of material allocations. Edit the kit quantity to calculate the required amount of raw materials and labor to be issued. Review all the material allocations and adjust individual quantities as required. Capture lot and serial information for components as needed. Post all material issues in real-time include or exclude standard labor as you desire.

Labour Post

riteSCAN’s Labor Post function allows you to post actual labor to jobs and enter quantity completed/scrap, directly to SYSPRO, all from a mobile device using riteSCAN.

WIP Locator

WIP Locator helps you keep track of in-process materials that are temporarily stored off of the manufacturing line. WIP Locator lets you record the quantity and location of partially completed items so that they can be easily located when they are ready for the next manufacturing operation.

Dispatch Notes

This function lets you pick against an existing Dispatch Note. riteSCAN counts the inventory against an existing Dispatch Note as you pick it. You have the option of counting the items one at a time, like a supermarket scanner, or you can pick the full quantity requiring only one scan per line. Each item is validated against the Dispatch Note to avoid costly shipping mistakes.

Goods In Transit IN

Receive a Goods in Transit order at the destination warehouse. Scan the GIT Reference # and scan or select the stock code to be received. Post the quantity immediately into inventory in the receiving warehouse.

Goods In Transit OUT

Create Goods in Transit transfer orders from the warehouse floor. Scan the origin and destination warehouses and the stock code and quantity. Additional items with the same originating and receiving warehouse will be added to a GIT transfer

Purchase Order Receipt

Scan the purchase order number to retrieve all P/O lines. Receive individual lines with the option to change quantity received. Items are validated against purchase order to ensure accuracy and avoid costly mistakes. The purchase order is updated immediately with quantity received & inventory on hand.

Purchase Order Receipt All

The PO Receipt All function allows you to receive multiple lines on a single GRN. Items requiring inspection are correctly received with a unique GRN.​

Sales Order Pick

Automate sales order picking by scanning the sales order number to retrieve all S/O lines. The stock code and quantity are validated against the sales order ensuring accuracy and avoiding costly shipping mistakes. Simply check a box and the order status is automatically changed to Ready to Invoice.

Pallet Management

Imagine if you could rapidly group, manage, and move mixed inventory items or materials at the pallet level. Now you can.

With the new riteSCAN Pallet Tracking Module, you can:

  • Group mixed items on one pallet even items that you can’t group in SYSPRO today and transfer them to another warehouse or to your shop floor in a single scan.

  • Accurately track mixed items by pallet.

  • Quickly find and track a pallet of mixed materials issued to a job.

  • Do purchase order receipts by pallet.

  • Efficiently stage pallets for sales orders and jobs.

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Sales Order Reserve Stock

If you use SYSPRO's ability to reserve stock for sales orders, this function will allow your riteSCAN users to pick against the reserved quantities

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