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Workplace Security

TRG Workplace Security

Workplace Security provides a service providing the tools, technologies and skilled personnel necessary to defend a modern connected business against an increasing volume of threats. By addressing core cyber hygiene practices with network hardening, vulnerability identification and remediation, identity and access management with malware prevention, network monitoring and threat detection and response services, TRG’s Workplace Security delivers on a comprehensive risk-mitigating Cyber Risk Management service.

By leveraging SPG, TRG’s Proprietary ITSM Platform, Security and Network operations Centre and its tried and tested, best of breed integrated software solutions TRG’s Workplace Security is a trusted, holistic and comprehensive answer to ensuring your organisation is adequately prepared for Cyber Incidents.

Service delivery is offered on a Self Managed or Managed Basis.

Prevention and Protection’ – 7 key pillars of the TRG service framework and what the service provides.

Secure Configuration Management

Secure Configuration Management refers to those products, procedures, features and services necessary for the management and control of your information systems with the goal of enabling security and managing risk which includes Asset , Patch and Policy management.

Vulnerability Management

Identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and the software is the process of Vulnerability Management. Credential Theft Monitoring continuously monitors Dark and Deepweb sources for any compromised credentials linked to your organisation.

Network Monitoring

Our team manage your device, provide a monitoring and maintenance program, leveraging the power of SPG and its integrated toolsets the UTS team will ensure all devices included are performing as they should, are configured correctly and patched when they should be.

Identity & Access Management

Identity and Access Management provides a single intuitive interface for managing secure, role and access specific password servers, single sign on, multifactor authentication and more.

Threat Detection & Response

Utilising application and device logging platforms for the collection of activity across your organisation’s entire attack surface to detect threats early enough to block and limit any potential damage. Integrating log data from multiple data sources. Analysts on a 24/7 hour basis.

Engagement & Education

Training ensures elimination of the biggest cybersecurity threat, reckless and thoughtless employees. We manage Simulated Phishing Campaigns, User Education Training and testing against the learning, reports delivered to management to ensure users are learning.

Malware Prevention

Workplace Security for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) couples both the licencing, deployment, monitoring and remediation of your chosen and SPG supported EDR solution set, this offering not only centralized monitoring and control via your SPG console but full response and remediation services, available 24/7 for managed instances. DNS Protection uses a cloud-based web filtering solution allowing you to monitor, control and protects your users and business when online. Mail Protection provided, for the blocking of spam, viruses, malware, ransomware and links to malicious websites from your emails. Our platforms identify spoofing and credential theft.

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