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How to do Cycle Counting
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What is Advanced Cycle Count?

The Advanced Cycle Count module is seamlessly integrated into SYSPRO (SP2, 6.1 and V7). The Advanced Cycle Count program is designed to reduce costs and streamline business processes.

Advance Cycle Count Overview

The implementation of comprehensive cycle counting can result in operational efficiency gains from 5 to 15 percent.


The opportunity to increase sales through improved service levels while potentially reducing inventory levels is a benefit, making cycle counting a solid practice.

It utilizes the SYSPRO advanced technology that empowers end-users to customize the user interface and add functionality without requiring programming.

Count Analysis

The Count Analysis program shows the number of times A, B, C, and D items should be counted.


Using the Counts columns, you can see the number of items that would be used per Cycle Count based on the periods shown.

Cycle Count Statistics

This program uses the data that was captured and provides users with a report on the inventory accuracy based on your cycle counts for any financial period.

These reports are available in summary by warehouse, product class, or stock code, with further selections based on cause codes and ABC classifications.


Reports can be dropped into Excel for users to create their own useful charts and graphs.

Cycle counting is essential to effective inventory management
  • An effective cycle counting program can eliminate the annual physical inventory.

  • Maintains inventory accuracy at higher levels throughout the entire year.

  • Cycle counting can result in improved operational efficiency of 5 to 15%, which can increase sales through improved customer service levels and reducing inventory levels.

  • Advanced Cycle Count provides users with a formalized random selection of stock codes for cycle counts.

  • Automatically assigns count frequency based on ABC classification.

  • Advanced Cycle Count is able to assign troublesome stock codes into the following Control Groups: Daily, Weekly, BiWeekly, or Monthly; these groups allow items to be counted more frequently.

  • Has Count has an On-Demand feature for grouping stock codes. It allows for stock codes not in the standard ABC selection to be used as needed.

  • The capture of the cycle count data provides a complete historical record of all cycle count activity for audit and analysis purposes.

  • Provides tracking of the cause codes used to determine root cause discrepancies and eliminate them.

  • Advanced Cycle Count interfaces with the SYSPRO Stock Take System to add more detailed control and accuracy to the cycle counting process.

  • SYSPRO Report Writer and Crystal Reports allows users to do custom analysis of Cycle Count History.

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